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CuLox is a recognized global provider of pure and alloyed metal powders and particulates. Since our inception in 1994, we have developed a range of standard and specialty products to meet our customers’ diverse needs. 


·     Our Copper powders are materials of choice and are universally accepted. They are replacing precious and other conductive metals used in Hybrid Electronic Circuits.


·     CuLox Nickel alloys are advancing the use of new materials in automotive and petrochemical industries.


·     Our Composites are revolutionizing processes in the tool bit and other industries.


CuLox is about Quality, Service, Innovation, and Growth.


Our people provide Next Generation Solutions, and Make Customized Products. Our materials are available in:


·  Pure Copper       ·  Pure Nickel      ·  Pure Silver      ·  Lead-Free Solders

·  Nickel Alloys     ·  Tungsten Carbide Composites           

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